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Network Installation and Maintenance

When you depend on your computer network for daily business operations, you need a support team with the experience to keep your network running smoothly. An in-depth understanding of the host of protocols, software and equipment that support the modern computer network is required to design a reliable network infrastructure and implement network upgrades without disrupting productivity.

In case you don't speak SMTP, IMAP, POP3, DNS, IPv6, ICMP, BGP, OSPF, RDP, VPN, FTP, HTTP, SSL, RADIUS, SSH, NTP, IPv4, DHCP, AFP, SMB, TCP, UDP, GRE, PPTP, LDAP or ARP, don't worry, we do speak these and many other ''languages''. From standard Microsoft Windows file servers to custom Linux email servers to Cisco firewalls, we Cosner-Neipp technicians immerse ourselves in the technical details of computer network communication to give you the most comprehensive support system for your organization.

Whether your business has one or hundreds of employees, we can design, build and maintain a network system to make your business more efficient and successful.