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My name is Rachel Walsh, I have been in the tax service since 2002. I originally received my preparer certification to help my mother with her tax business after she had fallen ill. My father had started his own tax service in 1978 with my mother's help, then she took it over after his passing in 1991. Since, 2002, I had worked side by side with her every tax season until 2015 when I had my son Oliver. Simply couldn't make the weekly trip to Lancaster and back with a little one to look after.
She has continued to work her tax business with my sisters help. Now my mother is ready to retire and I am ready to grow.
We are now know as R Walsh Tax Service and was able to find a nice little office space at the start of 2019 that is just right for us.
Since we have a office and small work force (me), we can offer a more affordable tax preparation than most.