Sanderling Renal Services Ridgecrest

Sanderling Renal Services Ridgecrest


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Sanderling is focused on bringing high quality dialysis and nephrology services to rural communities and home dialysis patients. Many patients who live in rural communities lack convenient access to a dialysis clinic or a nephrologist (kidney specialist). Sanderling uses Advanced Telemedicine™ to bring the nephrologist to rural communities, allowing our patients to access high quality specialized care for renal problems and dialysis closer to home. Traveling three times a week over rural roads to a dialysis clinic that is far away from home is a huge burden on a dialysis patient and his or her family. Sanderling helps reduce that burden by developing dialysis and chronic kidney disease clinics in the heart of rural America. Sanderling establishes a close working relationship with the local hospital and primary care providers to improve the continuity of care for patients who require dialysis.


  • Outpatient Dialysis
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Telemedicine


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