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Martial Arts Classes for children, woman, and family’s .
Schu-Fu emphasizes a practical, realistic approach to martial arts training. We believe that martial arts training can be for anyone who wants it. You don't have to be fast and limber to defend yourself. In fact, you might need to defend yourself when you are sick or injured. Thus, our training emphasizes controlling the balance points of an attacker. In other words, we teach you how to use your opponent's energy against them.

Schu-Fu is a combination of many forms of martial arts. The best has been taken from Kenpo, Kung-Fu, Karate, Chin Na, Tai Chi, Aiki JuJutsu, Escrima, Wrestling and Boxing to make Schu-Fu.This blend does not require unusual strength or physical size. It teaches the science of using the opponent's energy against himself. It is a sports medicine-based art with a scientific foundation.

We also recognize that not all self-defense situations are the same. Not every assault requires you to respond with deadly force. Thus, our tactics teach self defense for a variety of situations. For example, you would use different tactics against your drunken uncle at the family reunion than you would during a life-or-death situation against a violent criminal.

Schu-Fu was sanctioned as American Kung-Fu by the Chinese International Martial Arts Association in 1985.


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